A man sleeping topless on a bed covered in white sheets

Sleeping With Clothes vs. Sleeping Naked: Which Is Better for Your Health

Sleeping With Clothes vs Sleeping Naked

How many times have you slept naked? I bet you know a lot more guys who do this than girls, and there is a legit reason for it. If you want to give it a go and you're intrigued by some pros and cons of sleeping with clothes vs sleeping naked, keep on reading! Here is all that you should know.

Top 3 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

1. Vaginal Health

If you are a woman who cares about her vaginal health, you should know that you're more prone to yeast infection when wearing thick and heavy layers of clothing. Candida is the most common infection, which causes inflammation and pain for a lot of women.

Yeast infections are more common when there is poor ventilation, which is caused by wearing underwear that is too tight or made of synthetic materials. Wearing looser underwear or sleeping naked can be beneficial for your vaginal health.

2. Regulate Your Body Temperature

You could find that sleeping naked enhances the quality of your sleep because it can help with temperature regulation and sensory inputs. According to a 2018 study, removing clothing before bedtime lowers core body temperature, which promotes deeper sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep and want to completely relax and unwind at the end of the day, switch your sleeping clothes for the all-natural approach.

3. Freedom

Your overall freedom and having a relaxed body are more than appealing. People who have claustrophobia may find it helpful to sleep naked. Sleep scientists agree that this may have beneficial psychological consequences because it allows the sleeper to feel more at ease and free. OnePoll surveyed 2,000 adults in the United States about how they slept. It was found that 53% of respondents who reported sleeping naked reported a restful night's sleep, compared to only 27% of respondents who did not.

What Are the Cons of Sleeping Naked?

1. Allergic Reaction

Scientists point out that although a bed's bacterial count may increase as you sleep, the bed itself may include allergens that could have a more detrimental effect on your health. You could run into dust mites, mold, mildew, and pet dander, all of which can easily penetrate your mattress and cause allergic reactions. If your skin is overly sensitive, this might be a bad call for you to make.

2. You Can Get Caught

It may be more comfortable for some people to sleep without clothes, but there are always potential dangers when getting into bed. Roughly half of the males and nearly half of the women reported that someone has entered their bedroom while they were naked. If you live on your own obviously this won't cause a problem for you, so think twice before going all-out.

Top 3 Benefits of Getting Into Your Sleep Clothes For Women and Men

1. Keeps Your Body Warm

This winter, are you worried about keeping warm when you sleep? It's a good idea to put on your pajamas because they help your body warm up quickly. Due to its natural warmth and capacity to fend off the chill, sleepwear made of polyester and/or box-woven cotton fabric is suitable for the winter. Long pajamas are the greatest choice during the colder months since they cover your arms and legs and keep the cold out while you sleep. This way, your chances of getting sick will reduce.

2. Comfort

To sleep well, you must be comfortable. Comfort will help you fall asleep easily and stay asleep without any type of interruptions. When picking material and fabric, consider these options: 

  • Lightweight cotton pajamas are smooth and breathable, making them ideal for warmer weather. 
  • Soft, durable, flexible fabric makes these pajamas excellent for kids or those with sensitive skin. 
  • Flannel pajamas are wonderful for cooler climates or nights. 
  • Soft, sturdy, well-insulated silk pajamas are warm and breathable, and they can prevent overheating.

3. Cool style

Although pajama sets are most commonly worn for sleeping, they come in a wide variety of original and stylish designs, which means that you can look good even when sleeping. Show off your sense of humor with whimsical styles, or keep things classy in a simple but luxurious pair made of silk and cashmere. If you want to liven things up, putting on some cute pajamas is a certain way to get your partner's attention.

Cons of Sleeping in Pajamas

1. Not the Best Choice for Guys

What are the best clothes to sleep in for guys? Having no clothes. The medical journal Andrologia has reported on studies showing "genital heat stress" can reduce sperm quality. Tight and uncomfy boxers or pajamas can have an impact on your sperm quality, which is something to consider if you plan on having kids. If you must wear bottoms to bed, use natural materials that are breathable.

2. You Should Avoid Synthetics

When searching for new pajamas, stay away from synthetic fabrics like polyester, rayon, and spandex. Because they don't allow the body to breathe, these might make the body hot and lead to insomnia. On the other end, wool sleepwear was linked to moderate but statistically significant improvements in a number of sleep characteristics.

And there you have it! Are you ready to get a good night's sleep? Will you be throwing on your pajamas, or will you be going commando? When it comes to sleeping with clothes vs sleeping naked, the choice is totally up to you.