natural gray hair styles

10 Beautifully Natural Gray Hair Styles

Gray is Here to Stay, So Make it Count

Never mind what society says. Going gray is fabulous! Contrary to what some people think, you don’t have to hide your naturally gray hair as you get older. You can always embrace it! Gray hair comes available in a variety of different shades, and it’s a hair color that represents age and wisdom. So, if you want to step away from dyes and hair color products and need some serious inspiration for gray hairstyles, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered with natural gray hair styles.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful.

1. Classic Gray Bob

You can’t go wrong with a classic gray bob. With a blunt fringe and sharp edges, it's a simple, sleek and sophisticated style that works on all hair colors but makes gray hair look amazing! When you finish styling the bob, add a serum or hair polish for a glossy finish.

2. Edgy Gray Pixie Cut

Over the years, we’ve seen celebrities - like Halle Berry and Jamie Lee Curtis - rock the edgy pixie cut. This hairstyle is super chic and is suitable for a gray-haired lady who wants to be bold and stand out. Not only that, but this hairstyle is low-maintenance so you can manage your pixie cut with ease in your day-to-day life.

3. The Fonda Cut

What’s better than a hairstyle worn by the actress and icon Jane Fonda? It’s a timeless and legendary hairstyle perfect for all hair tones, including gray hues.

To emulate this hairstyle, try blow-drying your hair and adding volumizing hairspray. For extra definition, add streaks and highlights or add a glossy serum for extra shine.

4. Gray Textured Lob Cut

A lob is a long bob - a cross between a short bob and slightly long hair. It’s the ideal hairstyle for someone who wants a bob but wants medium-length to long hair.

For gray hair, opt for a textured lob cut by trimming your hair, styling it as a long bob then adding texture with a blow-dry (for extra volume) or hair curlers (for effortless curls and waves). Alternatively, you can opt for a flawlessly straight lob.

5. Long and Straight Gray Hair

Long, smooth, straight hair is an easy, go-to hairstyle that looks good for most occasions. You can achieve long, slick, straight gray hair by using hair straighteners and flat irons or by blow-drying your hair. Finish off by using a hair polishing serum to eliminate frizziness and achieve super sleek and shiny hair.

6. Bangs and Feathered Ends

This is a hairstyle that will have your gray hair looking very sophisticated and leave you feeling elegant and classy.

As well as cutting and styling the bangs, you can achieve the feathered ends by going for a salon-professional trim. Alternatively, you can create feathered layers at home by washing your hair and keeping it damp, then comb your hair out, part your hair into small sections, twist each part and then chip and snip at the ends of each section. Then dry with a hairdryer and comb your hair and bangs.

7. Colored Highlights

Be bold and add some color to your gray hair - also known as ‘gray blending’. Adding colored highlights gives your hair extra character and personality while enhancing and embracing your gray hair.

You can achieve this at home with hair dye kits or seek out a hairdresser qualified in adding colored highlights to get a salon-professional service. You could go a step further and add pastel streaks or choose ombre, where two hair tones blend.

8. The Shaggy Gray Wolf Cut

Channel your inner Gen-Z with this contemporary textured cut, which is another version of the voluminous traditional mullet for any woman who’s not afraid to be adventurous with her look. To achieve this shaggy haircut, go for choppy layers and blunt bangs - and don’t forget to add volume with a volumizing product and a simple blow-dry session.

9. Gray Cotton Candy Curls

Don’t let the name of this hairstyle fool you. We’re not suggesting that you dye your gray hair a light pink hue - but you can do that if you want to! The essential part of this hairstyle is the fluffy texture of the curls. Curl your hair, brush out the hair and then use a holding spray to keep the curls secure.

10. The Gray Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a short, low-maintenance hairstyle for a gray-haired woman interested in doing the big chop. Also, it’s very complimentary as well: buzz cuts go with fashionable outfits and big, glamorous accessories, so you can showcase your feminine touch with a combination of this hairstyle and your overall look.

So, there you have it! Gray hair is beautiful hair, and here are the natural hair inspiration and styles you can try out to rock this gorgeous hair color.