Denim Trends For Men

This Year’s Hottest Denim Trends For Men

Denim is So In Right Now

Any fashionista knows that the blue jean is one of the most iconic items of clothing ever created. From a plain white tee to a sophisticated fitted shirt, blue jeans simply look good with anything.

But there’s more to denim than blue jeans.

From denim jackets to colored denim jeans, denim is one of the most versatile and effortlessly stylish materials on the market. Here are this year’s best denim trends for men and how to get the look.

Say Goodbye to Skinny

For the last decade or so, skinny jeans have been the staple of men’s fashion. Usually paired with a flannel shirt and either casual sneakers or sophisticated boots, skinny jeans have proven to be a versatile must-have in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. But now, it’s time for a different type of jeans to take center stage.

We’re going back to the 90s, with straight-but-wide-leg jeans being the latest trend for this season. You can find men's jeans in this style on Amazon at an affordable price, or if you want to splash out, opt for these jeans from Levi’s.

Levi’s offers a welcome discount of 20% and free shipping on your first order. Medical professionals, teachers, students, and members of the military get 15% off.

Keep it Raw

Raw denim has long been a staple in stylish men's jeans, but one of the latest denim trends is to enjoy this appealing, indigo-colored material as outerwear.

Raw denim jackets go with almost anything and cultivate an image of the wearer as effortlessly stylish. We like it best paired with a pair of chinos or black denim jeans (don’t be afraid to double up your denim) and a plain tee.

This jacket from Amazon is a classic that can be dressed up or down depending on the scenario, with either a sneaker and a laid-back tee or smart trousers and boots. This offering from Asket is equally as stylish but has a higher price point, thanks to the high-quality materials used and ethical manufacturing process.

Denim Shorts are Back

For a while, denim shorts were the preserve of unfashionable Dads at the summer BBQ, but they’re now being worn by some of the biggest fashionistas around, making them one of the best summer denim trends of 2023.

But just like jeans, skinny is out, and baggy is in. Leave the figure-hugging denim shorts from 2010 in the back of the wardrobe and opt for a baggier, straight-leg approach. These’s shorts from Amazon are the perfect summer piece, and they can regularly be found on sale at a lower price at the eCommerce giant’s site than Levi’s site.

Try Two-tone

In 2023, one color pallet isn’t enough. One of the more popular denim trends for men includes the two-toned denim - that means jackets, jeans, and shirts containing two different-colored types of denim in one item of clothing. To avoid the look being too garish, keep the extra color to just one or two patches or blocks on the clothing.

A great example of one of the biggest denim trends in 2023 is these jeans from Tommy Hilfiger. If they’re a little out of your budget, similar styles can be found on Amazon.

Color is the New Blue

When most people think of denim, they imagine clothes in various blue shades. While blue denim jackets and jeans are staples, don’t forget that denim is available in other shades.

A black denim jacket is one of the men's trends that never goes out of fashion, while white jeans pair perfectly with a flannel shirt or colored tee in summer. In 2023, in particular, neutral colors are in.

Think deep autumn shades, khakis, and beiges that go with a wide variety of other colors and can be paired with a simple blue denim on top or bottom to match.

One of our favorites is this olive green jacket from Levi’s. This maroon denim jacket from Zara is another product that shows how stylish and colorful denim can look. If you’re shopping at Zara, look at this handy page from Forbes, which lists all the latest Zara discounts.

Don’t stop the color at outerwear. One of the most significant jeans trends for the upcoming season is colorful jeans - again in neutral tones - like this pair from Flag & Anthem. Are you feeling more adventurous? Try these dark orange jeans from Japanese fashion giant Uniqlo. Check out the LA times for discounts on this popular, minimalist brand.

The Bottom Line

If there’s one thing we know for sure about denim, it’s here to stay. Whether the trend of the moment is skinny jeans or baggy jeans, a reliable pair of denim bottoms never goes out of fashion.

One of the more solid denim trends for men includes wearing double-denim, too. Pairing dark orange jeans with a raw denim jacket is the perfect look for 2023.