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Top 7 Cruises for Singles

Socialize at Sea on These Singles Cruises

Did you know cruise lines cater to single, solo travelers? If you're ready to embark on a thrilling solo journey with fellow singles, check out this list of cruise companies that cater specifically to singles. Each cruise line offers unique itineraries, onboard amenities and a welcoming atmosphere that ensures an unforgettable voyage. Silversea Cruises has dedicated packages for singles, Seabourn Cruise Line has "solo traveler" packages you can check out, and Temptation Cruises has packages for 21+ adult only travelers.

1. Silversea Cruises - Intimate Luxury for Solo Travelers

Silversea Cruises, renowned for its luxurious fleet of small ships, provides an intimate and sophisticated environment ideal for solo travelers seeking personalized experiences. With a generous crew-to-guest ratio, you can expect exceptional service and attention to detail. Silversea offers several dedicated solo traveler voyages, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with other singles while exploring exciting destinations worldwide.

Solo guests onboard Silversea Cruises can indulge in spacious ocean-view suites equipped with plush amenities, providing a comfortable home away from home. The open-seating policy in dining venues encourages mingling with fellow travelers, fostering a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Social gatherings, cocktail parties and themed events organized exclusively for solo guests ensure that you can meet and interact with like-minded individuals throughout your journey.

2. Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn stands out for its luxurious cruise experience, making it an ideal choice for singles seeking sophistication. What sets Seabourn apart is its special "Solo Traveler" package, catering specifically to individual travelers. This package eliminates the single supplement fee, making solo cruising more affordable. Seabourn's intimate ships provide an elegant ambiance, perfect for socializing and meeting fellow travelers. With world-class amenities and personalized service, Seabourn ensures a memorable journey for singles seeking both relaxation and connection.

3. Temptation Cruises

Temptation Cruises caters to the 21+ singles demographic, offering a vibrant and lively atmosphere for adults seeking a more spirited cruise experience. With its "adults-only" policy, Temptation ensures a carefree environment for singles looking to mingle. The cruise line features exciting onboard entertainment, themed parties and a variety of social spaces designed to foster connections among solo travelers. Temptation Cruises stands out as an exhilarating option for singles who want to combine relaxation with a lively social scene, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an unforgettable singles cruise adventure.

4. Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection - An Upscale Escape for Solo Adventurers

For solo travelers seeking a blend of elegance and adventure, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection offers a unique cruising experience. With a fleet of small and exclusive yachts, this cruise line caters to an intimate group of guests, making it an ideal setting for singles looking to connect with fellow travelers. The Ritz-Carlton's yachts are equipped with spacious suites and top-notch amenities, promising a luxurious and relaxing journey.

One of the highlights of Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection's cruises for singles is the immersive shore excursions. These excursions are carefully curated to provide enriching experiences, from exploring cultural landmarks to engaging in thrilling outdoor activities. The yacht's onboard social spaces, including lounges and bars, present opportunities to socialize and make new connections with other solo travelers, ensuring a memorable and inclusive adventure.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line - Fun and Vibrant Solo Cruises

Known for its casual and vibrant atmosphere, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) offers a fantastic option for singles looking to enjoy a lively and exciting vacation at sea. The "Studio" staterooms designed exclusively for solo travelers provide a cozy and private space to unwind. As a solo guest on NCL, you'll also have access to the Studio Complex and Lounge, a dedicated area where you can mingle with fellow solo travelers and plan activities together.

NCL's Freestyle Cruising concept allows you to dine whenever, wherever and with whomever you please. This flexibility provides the perfect setting to socialize with other solo guests while enjoying a diverse array of dining options. The cruise line also hosts various themed parties, mixers and entertainment shows, offering plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make lasting connections throughout your journey.

6. Celebrity Cruises - Chic Retreats for Solo Wanderers

Celebrity Cruises caters to solo travelers seeking a sophisticated and modern cruising experience. Their spacious and elegantly designed single staterooms provide a comfortable retreat, and some ships even feature The Retreat, an exclusive sundeck and lounge for suite guests, including singles staying in solo staterooms.

Solo guests on Celebrity Cruises can participate in enriching activities such as cooking classes, wine tastings and art workshops, fostering an environment that encourages interaction and mingling. The cruise line's diverse dining options offer a variety of culinary delights, and the Main Dining Room's shared tables create a friendly atmosphere for solo travelers to meet and socialize with others.

7. Virgin Voyages - A Bold Adventure for Solo Explorers

For singles who seek an unconventional and energetic cruise experience, Virgin Voyages offers a unique and edgy journey at sea. The cruise line's stylishly designed Sea View and Insider cabins provide a cozy haven for solo adventurers, complete with contemporary amenities and mood-enhancing features like customizable lighting.

Virgin Voyages' adult-only policy ensures a vibrant and dynamic environment for solo travelers looking to let loose and have fun. With a range of hip and trendy onboard venues, including bars, lounges and clubs, meeting and connecting with other singles is made easy. Additionally, Virgin Voyages organizes innovative and engaging events, like themed parties and poolside gatherings, that promote social interaction and camaraderie among solo guests.

Final Notes

Embarking on a cruise adventure as a single traveler can be a liberating and transformative experience. Each cruise company offers a distinctive atmosphere, ensuring that your solo journey is everything you've dreamed of and more. Get ready to pack your bags!