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10 Facts About Singles Cruises and Resorts

Navigating Solo Bliss

Traveling solo doesn't necessarily mean traveling alone. Singles cruises and resorts are designed to help unattached travelers mix, mingle and maybe even find romance in unique settings. Both the high seas and luxurious resorts offer environments where singles can enjoy vacations tailored to their status. In this article, we will explore 10 facts about singles cruises and resorts. We will also look at some cruise companies and resorts that offer these types of experiences, including Hurtigruten, Silversea, NCL and Seabourn.

1. Specialized Singles Itineraries

Many cruise lines and resorts offer specialized itineraries and packages aimed at solo travelers. These might include singles mixers, group activities and themed events such as dance parties, wine tastings or fitness classes. This built-in social itinerary helps solo travelers feel more connected and less isolated.

2. Age-Specific Options

Some singles-focused trips cater to specific age ranges, helping travelers meet others in a similar stage in life. For example, you might find a cruise specifically for 20-somethings or a resort that caters to over-50 singles, ensuring a more comfortable and relatable social scene.

3. Solo Cabins and Single Supplements

Understanding that solo travelers have different needs, cruise lines are increasingly offering solo cabins designed for one person, often without the traditional "single supplement" fee that comes with staying alone in a standard room designed for two. Resorts may also offer rooms with reduced rates for singles.

4. Excursions and Activities

Singles cruises and resorts typically offer a wide range of activities and excursions that make it easy for guests to interact. From adventure outings like scuba diving and hiking to classes and workshops, these activities encourage natural socializing opportunities.

5. Onboard Hosts or Social Directors

To facilitate introductions and help single guests get the most out of their experience, some cruises and resorts employ social directors or hosts. These individuals organize events, encourage participation and are dedicated to ensuring guests have an enjoyable time.

6. Destination Variety

Singles cruises sail to a variety of destinations, ranging from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and even to more exotic locales like Antarctica or the Norwegian Fjords. Resorts, on the other hand, are typically located in popular vacation spots known for their beaches, cultural experiences or party atmospheres.

7. Potential for Romance

While there's no guarantee of finding love, singles cruises and resorts offer an environment conducive to romance. Many singles join these trips with an open mind and the shared experiences can lead to deeper connections. However, there's never pressure to pair up and many guests simply enjoy the chance to bond with new friends.

8. Solo Traveler Safety

For those concerned about safety while traveling alone, singles cruises and resorts provide a secure environment with constant staff presence, group settings and organized events that allow for fun without undue worry.

9. Community and Sharing

Dining arrangements and communal spaces on singles cruises are often designed to encourage interaction, such as shared tables or lounges. Resorts may have common areas such as pools, bars and communal dining tables where solo guests can come together.

10. Personal Development

Aside from social aspects, solo travel at singles resorts or cruises can be an opportunity for personal growth. It offers time to reflect, explore new interests and step out of one's comfort zone in a welcoming atmosphere.

Cruise Companies and Resorts that Offer Singles Experiences

Thinking about booking a singles vacation? Here are some cruise companies and resorts providing singles experiences.


Their smaller luxury ships provide an intimate setting perfect for solo travelers. Silversea occasionally offers single supplements at a reduced rate and the onboard atmosphere is rich with opportunities for personal interaction and adventure.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

NCL features studio cabins specifically designed for single cruisers, which also grant access to a private lounge for mingling with fellow solo travelers. They don't charge single supplements for these studios.


This luxury cruise line offers smaller ships and an intimate experience. While Seabourn traditionally caters to a more mature clientele, there are opportunities for singles to connect in elegant settings.


Especially appealing to those interested in exploration and adventure, Hurtigruten sails to some of the planet's most remote locations, including polar regions. The intimate nature of the expeditions fosters companionship among guests.

Temptation Cancun Resort

An adults-only destination, Temptation Cancun Resort is famed for its fun-loving atmosphere and vibrant parties. It's a hotspot for singles thanks to its encouragement of social interaction and entertainment designed to help guests break the ice.

Sun, Sea and Solitude

Singles cruises and resorts offer a unique opportunity for solo travelers to enjoy vacation settings tailored to their status. With various options from the relaxed to the adventurous, there’s an ideal getaway for every solo wanderer.

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