samsung galaxy hidden features

10 Hidden Features in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Beyond the Basics

Samsung Galaxy phones are renowned for their sleek design, powerful performance and wide array of features. Some of these features are well-known and prominently showcased. However, Samsung phones also contain a plethora of hidden or lesser-known functionalities that can enhance your smartphone experience significantly. In this article, we will look at 10 features that lie under the radar but are incredibly useful for any Galaxy user.

1. Screenshot Swipe

Taking screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy phone is incredibly straightforward. Instead of the usual button combination, you can simply swipe the edge of your hand across the screen to capture a screenshot. To turn this feature on, access 'Settings,' then 'Advanced features' and turn on 'Palm swipe to capture.'

2. Shoot Photos in RAW

Photography enthusiasts would love this feature. If you want to take your smartphone photography to the next level, Samsung Galaxy phones allow you to save images in RAW format. This means that photos are saved with much more data than the typical JPEG, giving you greater flexibility during post-processing. To enable this feature, open the 'Camera' app, go to 'Settings' and then look for the option to save pictures as RAW files under 'Picture formats.'

3. Change the Grid Size on the Home Screen

Samsung Galaxy smartphones allow users to adjust the grid settings of the home screen and the app screen. By default, you might have a 4x4, 4x5 or 5x5 grid, but you can choose to increase this to fit more apps on your screens. To change this setting, simply pinch your fingers together on the home screen and tap on 'Home screen settings.' From there, select 'Home screen grid' or 'Apps screen grid' and choose the grid size that you prefer.

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4. Duplicate Messenger Apps

For those who maintain separate accounts for work and personal purposes, Samsung's Dual Messenger feature is incredibly useful. This feature enables you to have two instances of the same messaging app installed on your device. Head into 'Settings', tap on 'Advanced features' and then select 'Dual Messenger.' You'll see a list of compatible apps and you can toggle on the ones you want to clone.

5. Notification LED

Some Samsung Galaxy users miss the notification LED that used to be a staple feature. If your phone doesn't come with a built-in notification LED, you can mimic this feature with the 'Always On Display' (AOD). Go into 'Settings,' navigate to 'Lock screen' and then 'Always On Display.' You can configure AOD to show a light or a type of clock that will appear when you receive notifications.

6. Side Key Extras

The Side Key of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones is not just a power button; it's fully customizable. You can set it to launch an app with a double press or to bring up the power-off menu with a long press. Configure the Side Key by going into 'Settings,' selecting 'Advanced Features' and then 'Side key.' Within this menu, you can customize the quick launch for the double press and press and hold functions to suit your preferences.

7. Home Screen Lock

If you've spent time meticulously organizing your home screen, you may want to prevent accidental rearrangements. Samsung lets you lock your home screen layout. Press and hold on an empty space on your home screen, tap on 'Home screen settings' and then enable 'Lock Home screen layout.'

8. Secure Folders

For those who require an extra layer of privacy, Samsung Galaxy phones come with a 'Secure Folder' feature, providing a separate, encrypted space to store sensitive information, apps and files. Go to 'Settings,' tap on 'Biometrics and security' and select 'Secure Folder.' Set this up with your Samsung account and you can move private data into this secured area that is protected by the security measure of your choice, such as a fingerprint or PIN.

9. Video Call Effects

With video calling becoming more prevalent, Samsung offers the ability to add fun backgrounds and effects during video calls. Open your 'Camera' app, switch to the front-facing camera, tap on 'AR Zone' and then 'AR Doodle' or 'AR Emoji.' Here you can create your personalized emojis or doodles that will appear during video calls when you use compatible apps.

10. Mute with a Flip

Samsung has included a handy feature that lets you mute incoming calls and alarms by simply flipping your phone onto its face. To enable this feature, navigate to 'Settings,' go to 'Advanced features' and turn on 'Motions and gestures.' In here, you'll find 'Direct call,' 'Smart alert' and 'Easy mute.' Toggle on 'Easy mute' and you can silence your phone with a simple gesture without having to press any buttons.

The New Samsung Galaxy S24

In addition to the features previously mentioned, the new Galaxy S24 is packed with an abundance of modern, state-of-the-art components. Its operating system seamlessly integrates with advanced AI, allowing users to effortlessly search with Google, engage in live translation during phone calls and edit photos with ease. The device boasts innovative camera technology that enables up to three times zoom, capturing striking details even in low-light conditions. Furthermore, improvements in display quality, performance and battery life collectively represent a substantial leap forward.

Samsung's Hidden Arsenal

These hidden features can significantly improve your Samsung Galaxy experience. By exploring these options, you can tailor your device to better fit your personal needs and get the most out of your smartphone.

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