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5 Razor Subscription Options for Women for an Easier Shave

Razor Subscription for Women

If you are still using your local drugstore razor, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Here’s a curated list of our favorite razor subscription options for women.

If you shave, a razor subscription is an easy way to simplify your daily routine. Razor subscriptions deliver new blades (and other shaving necessities, like shaving cream) to your door, with the frequency that you prefer, depending on your grooming preferences. It’s simple, practical and a great way to eliminate one more thing off of your grocery list.

If razor burn or ingrown hairs are something you worry about when shaving, razor subscriptions are also a great way to solve those problems, as most of them come with add-on essentials for a smoother shave with less irritation.

1. Best Overall Razor Subscription Club for Women: Billie Shave Sets

Billie, founded in 2017, shook the category of razor brands when it hit the market for the first time. Their popular five-blade razor is designed to quickly navigate angles and curves without cuts, and the handle features a matte rubber back designed for extra grip in an array of different color options. All their razors fit into a magnetic holder. They’re designed to be stuck to a shower wall to keep it rust-free and easily accessible.

The brand offers different shaving sets for different needs, and when buying online you are asked about your grooming preferences: do you shave daily, a few times a week or once a week? Depending on your choice, you will receive the kit with new blades to your doorstep once a month, every two months or every three for $10 every time. The sets, the first time you receive them, often include the razor and the magnetic holder but also a body buffer for smoothing all surfaces before the actual shaving and a whipped shave cream.

2. Best Sustainable Razor Subscription: Athena Club Razor Kit

With ethically sourced, natural ingredients, Athena Club offers more products than razors: you can find candles, period care, vitamins and well… razors. Their razor kit is simple, featuring their ergonomic razor handle, a magnetic hook for rust-free blades, and two five-blade cartridges lined with a moisturizing serum activated by water. You can choose from a huge array of colors, and then pick your plan according to how often you shave and want to receive new blades. You can add other items, like shaving cream, and get the first set at your doorstep in a few days. After, depending on your needs, you will receive blade refills and be charged only when they are ready to ship, starting at $12.

3. Best Personalized Razor Subscription: Flamingo Starter Set

Flamingo knows that hair removal goes further than just shaving and that some people use different options for various parts of their bodies. That’s why you can add other products to your cart, like tweezers or waxing strips. You can also find many other grooming products on their website for the smoothest skin and the silkiest finish.

With their initial test, you can discover which one of their different shaving plans works best for you and personalize your option from there. With the first set, you will receive a handle in the color of your choice, two refill blades, one shower holder and one foaming shave gel. After the periodicity you have chosen, the refill will feature eight blades and a shave gel. It’s a great option if you are getting started with razor subscriptions and if you have other hair removal preferences since you can get all your other products from the same place.

4. Best Simple Razor Subscription: Happy Legs Club Hers Set

If you prefer simpler, easier, no-fuss options, the razor subscription from Happy Legs Club will probably be the best choice for you. They have options for all genders, with ergonomically designed razors and refill cartridges with a vitamin E and aloe strip to hydrate while shaving. Their packaging is simple, and their subscription includes just what you need: razors and an organic shave soap bar of your choice. You won’t fear running out of cartridges again: their initial order includes a razor handle and four cartridges, and the renewals always include six refill cartridges for worry-free shaving. All of this is for $18 every two months.

5. Best Luxurious Razor Subscription: Oui The People The Sensitive Razor

With razors made of metal in rose gold, Oui The People is for all of those who want to feel like they are properly treating themselves while shaving. Their razors aren’t only beautiful; they use single double-edged blades so any shaver can use them (they are an especially great option for people with sensitive skin), and the metal is a more sustainable option as it is built to last without any rust. Their products are slightly on the more expensive side (the initial purchase of their razor is $75), and these types of single-blade razors require more precision and a bit of learning, but they are definitely a good investment in the long-term, both for you and the planet.