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How to Look Great in Your Nursing Scrubs

Taking your Style to the Next Level

Are you someone who works in the medical field? Maybe you are a nurse who struggles to look and feel great in her nursing scrubs. If that is the case, this article is just for you! Although making the perfect outfit look and feel good can come off as a challenge, there are some tips & tricks that you can follow. For instance, thanks to Grey's Anatomy, people worldwide have become a lot more aware of their scrubs and how they can style them. Scrubs are a staple of a nurse's uniform and the confidence boost that comes from feeling good in this everyday item. Here is all that you need to know about making it work!

How to Look Great in your Nursing Scrubs: Top 4 Tips to Follow

1. Go for Something Good & Comfy

The first step to getting a pair of scrubs that fits you well is taking your measurements (bust or chest, waist, hips, and inseam).

You should use these dimensions to refer to the respective size charts because fits and sizing can differ from one brand to the other. Once you have your measurements figure out what might work and look good on you, such as an S, M, L, or XL. The size of scrubs varies, so always read the label to figure out what works for you.

No matter how precisely you measure yourself or how perfectly your scrubs they won't look good if they are made of cheap, scratchy cloth good. So, find a material that will support your body well while not being so rigid that it limits your movement.

Make sure there are no strange bulges or wrinkles in your seams, pockets, or other design elements since these will detract from your overall appearance.

2. Go for Something that Suits your Body Shape

You should not worry if you are on the thicker side, as scrubs can look very fitting on you. Scrub shirts with deep V-necks and open collars in dark solid hues will complement your top-heavy physique.
Alternatively, if you want to hide a huge bottom, opt for long tops that fall just above the hips.

Nowadays, there are many colors, sizes, materials & designs you can go for (no matter your gender). Just avoid wearing wide-legged pants if your hips are wide.

In addition, if you are a skinny female nurse, it is recommended that you wear clothes with frills, smocking, and gathering to create the illusion of a fuller figure. Once you are aware of your body type & size, you're going to make it look good! In most cases & for some nurses, wearing matching scrubs is the right way to do it. Now you can look good with the rest of the staff, which makes you a lot more professional-looking, wouldn't you agree?

3. Go for a Color you Love

Always choose a workplace-compliant scrub color that is pleasing to the eye, especially if you're looking for nursing scrubs. If your job allows you to pick your favorite color - be creative! You should go for complementary colors instead of plain monochrome colors.

As obvious as it may seem, using a variety of colors can also greatly enhance the appearance of a regular outfit and make your personality pop. Why go for simple and basic blue shades when you can try something that compliments your skin tone? Jewel-toned colors like purple and royal blue are particularly flattering on those with cool skin tones. Additionally, certain hues (like pink) can convey a powerful message. Go for cute & cool printed scrub tops and match them with basic pants for that stylish effect!

4. Accessories

Scrubs accessories are also welcome! Female nurses can wear jewelry with their scrubs, but it should be subtle and not too flashy or overpowering. Keep your hair short and simple (or in a ponytail), and accessorize with tiny necklaces and earrings. Jewelry should complement the colors of your scrubs.
Wearing a thin belt will help you achieve an hourglass shape, so go for it! You probably have a ton of these lying around in your closet.

So, choose a design that goes well with the scrubs you want to remain loyal to your sense of style.

Don't overdo it with the jewelry, or people will notice it and not your scrubs. In most cases, cute earrings and necklaces will give you a boost of confidence while making your outfit pop!

So, are you ready for your new favorite scrub look? Rock it with confidence and radiate with positivity; everyone will adore your fashionable style!