New Year's Resolution

Top Four New Year’s Resolutions

Starting the New Year with a New You

As it is the beginning of a new year, it may be wise to start the year with a fresh set of goals to try and accomplish during the year. The only issue is, what will your new year's resolution be? People try to eat healthier, save money, or even learn a new skill. It may be difficult to decide what new year's resolutions to make. That is where this article comes in handy. Check out these top four new year's resolutions that you can do.

1. Spend Less Time on Social Media

The grip of social media and how it influences people have become tighter and more prevalent as time goes on. As more people get access to these social platforms, they become addicted to seeing what other people do.

Many of these social platforms can also be very toxic places. Besides the abusive texts, many people see how better others might have it but don’t realize that much of the content can be faked. It is good to take a break from these social platforms, live life, and not care about who said what on social media.

It is important not to live your life through social media; you often miss unique opportunities or experiences as you are too glued to these platforms. Sometimes it is nice to put your phone away while doing an activity, so you can enjoy what life has to offer instead of what social media dictates.

2. Reduce Spending and Save Money

Being financially stable is becoming harder each year as inflation, and the cost of living is going up. As the cost of living is rising, it will be wise to stop wasting money on unnecessary items or save up to go away on vacation. It may be fun to go out almost every weekend and spend money enjoying yourself, but in these trying times, it is also important to watch how much you are spending.

Remember to not spend more than you can afford. Even though you can take out a loan to buy something or use a credit card, these can lead you into debt. If you can not make payments, you will be hurt by interest, plus your credit score will lower drastically.

To reduce your monthly costs, you can break down your monthly expenses to learn how much you spend a month. Once you have broken down the expenses, you can see where you can cut costs by shopping elsewhere or not going out to eat as much. Being savvy with your money can help you become better organized with your life and will help you plan for your future.

3. Lead a Healthier LifeStyle

One of the better new year's resolutions is to try to live a healthier lifestyle. Meaning you should eat less junk food, start exercising more regularly, and reduce the stress in your life. These three factors can often lead to a better lifestyle and put you in a favorable position in life. It's like three resolutions packed into one!

Having a well-balanced diet can have a lot of positives for people as you are eating the correct amount of calories according to your bodily needs. Also, much fast food/junk food has a lot of preservatives like salt in them, and excess salt is not good for you. If you can, consult a dietician to help create a good healthy diet.

Doing exercise and becoming fitter is also a great positive for people. Exercising is known to increase your heart's health, mood, muscle, and bone strength. It is even more important to exercise nowadays as many jobs have people sitting all day instead of moving around. You don’t need to become a gym rat or a weightlifter, but doing daily physical activity can benefit you.

Another benefit of eating healthier and exercising regularly is weight loss. Everyone's body is different, and losing weight differs for each body. Therefore, eating healthier and exercising can make you happy with your body. Many gyms offer help from nutritionist specialists to help create a unique diet and exercise plan to fit your body’s needs.

4. Reduce Stress

The final resolution you can have is reducing stress; this can have a major impact on your life. Being stressed all the time is not good for your body and can lead to many mental and physical complications. It is one of the toughest New Year resolutions, as you may need help to get away from a stressful environment like work. Try to find some solution to help with your stress; if you can, speak to colleagues to see how they feel and get some perspective on your situation.

Some easy ways to de-stress include exercising, reading, yoga, starting a new hobby, or whatever else that makes you feel relaxed.

New year's resolutions can be a high bar to set so it's better to start small and work you way up throughout the year; that way, you can better achieve what you want.