how to become a fashion blogger

How To Become A Fashion Blogger

Putting your Style to the Forefront of Social Media

Today, starting a blog is easy, but getting readers and making money from it is considerably harder. Why is that so? The market is overfilled with newbies who are trying to gain recognition. If you have even the slightest interest in clothing or fashion, you most likely already follow the most well-known fashion influencers and bloggers on Instagram. Do you have the best fashion and wish to show it? If you want to become famous and successful as some of the people you follow, here is how to become a fashion blogger!

How To Become A Fashion Blogger: Top 5 Crucial Tips

1. Know your Niche

Yes, "fashion" covers a wide range of topics. The truth is that one can have thousands of outfit ideas but only a couple of successful executions. It is not just one thing; you can cover accessories, jackets, bags and shoes - everything can be split into parts. Before you continue writing about fashion, you should consider your audience and what they might like or want from you. You should also consider what you know best and what you love talking about. If you are very good at something and have a passion for it - you'll have less competition! So, think long and hard about who inspires you.

2. Choose your Platform

If you want to succeed as an influencer, you need a following and a strategy to market your style.

Which is your go-to social media platform?

The top three go-to sites nowadays are YouTube, a personal website and Instagram/TikTok combined. So, do you want to spread out all of these evenly, or do you want to dominate just one specific platform? You have to ask yourself: as a fashion blogger - can you shoot content, or do you enjoy writing about it?

So, do you simply enjoy taking pictures of your clothes for blogs? Or do you want to talk straight into your camera? Re-think this before you find your platform.

3. Monetise your Blog

If you want to know how to become a fashion blogger, consider monetizing your blog. At first, it may come off as a hobby for most people, but sooner or later, you will be making money! How is that possible? Here are some monetizing tips & tricks:

  • Advertisements - Allowing advertisements is an easy way to monetize your site. If you're just making money off your website, Google AdSense is a fantastic choice + it is very easy to navigate and include in your posts.
  • Affiliates - This means promoting third-party products or services. Once you do that, you are also asking for a percentage or a cut of the sale made through a unique link provided by the vendor. However, be picky when working with some brands, as you always want to provide your readers with the highest quality.
  • Promote your products - One of the best ways to monetize a fashion blog is to sell your own clothing and accessories. It is a big step that you can do if you team up with a brand or a manufacturer of some sort. Also, your options include forming partnerships with existing brand deals or advocating for an existing one.

4. Sponsored Posts

If they have a big following, successful fashion bloggers can approach brands and companies about sponsorship opportunities. However, your equipment will play a significant role in this case (computer, camera, phone, etc.).

These businesses will approach you with requests for content creation, typically with calls to action for certain campaigns or information on future product launches; this is where and why you have to offer quality.

Your postings will be used to promote their goods and services, and you will be paid based on how well these campaigns do.

Fashion-loving aspiring influencers frequently consider the free shipment of the sponsored product that comes along with these postings to be a bonus.

5. Stay Consistent

Two things are necessary to establish a profitable fashion blog:

Incredible pictures of your distinctive fashion consistency or unique story-telling skills.
A regular publishing schedule.

This means that showing both your love and creativity are two major factors. Your preferred publishing schedule will depend on:

  • How frequently your rivals post.
  • How frequently you can publish good content (emphasize good).
  • How many readers you're getting (is it worth your time?).
  • How many sponsored deals you have (the more, the merrier).

If you can publish once a week, to begin with, be sure to thoroughly consider what you will publish in advance. Have a calendar and plan it all out for the best results! Your famous fashion sense and style will eventually pay off!

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