Beard Styles For Older Men

Best Beard Styles For Older Men

Maintaining a Solid Beard Look as You Age

Aging can often confine people to a particular style. Experimenting with new clothes feels like a young man’s game, and if you’ve spent your whole life rocking a specific look, it can feel too late to change it. Don’t let these apprehensions hold you back and box you into a particular style. Experimenting with your facial hair and finding a beard style that suits the structure of your face and your coloring can rejuvenate your appearance and give you the confidence you’ve been lacking. Read on to discover beard styles for older men!

Heavy Stubble Beard

Stubble is universally flattering, regardless of what face shape you have, and, as a bonus, it’s incredibly easy to maintain. Whether you’ve been blessed with youthful full cheeks or have adopted a sharper, more angular look as you have aged, heavy stubble can add definition and depth to your face. This serves to emphasize your facial structure while also flattering the jawline.

With a heavy stubble beard, all you need to do is let your facial hair grow out for a couple of days to a week. After you’ve grown a solid foundation, simply neaten up the edges and shave off any hair that has grown beneath your Adam’s apple, and you have the perfect, rugged look.

Full Short Beard

Ideal for men with a triangle facial structure, a full short beard adds width to the jawline without lengthening the face. If you are worried that your face has thinned as you’ve aged and you’re eager to balance out this new angularity rather than emphasize it, then a well-maintained short beard is the right choice.

This beard style does require a little more patience as it will take a while to grow, but once you’ve grown the foundation, all you need to do is trim it every other week to maintain its defined shape and prevent it from looking scruffy. You can also experiment with different mustache styles with this beard so you can add your own flare to this simple, distinguished style.

Bandholz Beard

Combing a full beard with a long mustache, a Bandholz beard is perfect for men who are looking to try out a more eccentric facial hair style. The blunt cut of the beard creates the image of a sharper jawline while the length can slim a rounder face and reduce the fullness of the cheeks.

You have to be patient with a Bandholz beard. It will take at least three months to reach the desired length, and during that time frame, you need to be consistent with both your skin and beard care routine. Invest in some quality beard oil and cleanser if you want to try this look.

Anchor Beard

The anchor beard is a subtler version of the classic Van Dyke, which is perfect if you're looking for a distinguished look that doesn’t require as much styling. Comprised of a closely shaved mustache, separate goatee and clean-shaven cheeks, the anchor beard is perfect for adding definition to rounder faces. If you have a square or rectangular face shape, consider growing a longer goatee to introduce some roundness to your face.

The Old Dutch

As its name might suggest, the Old Dutch is a historical style that has endured through the ages. While longer than the other beards listed here, it offers a variation on the stereotypical beard expected of older men, allowing you to introduce some flare to your look while complimenting the shape of your face.

With its squared, angular trim and clean-shaven cheeks, this style is ideal if you want to reintroduce some width and, in turn, strength to your facial structure. It does take some time to grow to the correct length, but if you’re patient and willing to experiment with beard oil and balm to style and maintain your facial hair, you can create an incredible look.

Ducktail Beard

If you’re eager to embrace your age with a rugged look that’s typically associated with the likes of Vikings and ancient warriors, then the Ducktail beard is the ideal choice for you. The best part about the Ducktail beard is that it can be trimmed to flatter any face. For those with rounder faces, simply grow out the goatee and trim it into a point to add length to your face. Men with more angular faces will find a Ducktail beard with a rounded point and a softer trim incredibly flattering.

By regularly trimming the hair on your cheeks to remove any stubble and cutting any stray hairs, you’ll have a rugged, effortless look.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be dissuaded from experimenting with your facial hair, and try out one of these styles today. Whether you opt for a more rugged or tailored look, you’re sure to look amazing in these different styles of facial hair.

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